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Обучение Конкурентной разведке в мире

Конкурентная разведка за рубежом: образовательные программы

Mercyhurst College (US)
Master of Science in Applied Intelligence

Mercyhurst College will now offer its Master of Science Degree in Applied Intelligence to students in our graduate certificate programs, available through our partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton at its McLean, Virginia, campus. The requirements for the degree are ten classes, plus a thesis and a thesis class, for a total of 34 credits. Students who complete the nine classes in the Graduate Certificates in Applied Intelligence, Counterintelligence, and Law Enforcement Intelligence will be able to apply those credits to the master's program reuirements for the degree are ten classes, plus a thesis and a thesis class, for a total of 34 credits http://intel.mercyhurst.edu/content/booz alien portal.

New York University (US)
School of Continuing and Professional Studies
Course: Competitive intelligence

In unpredictable times, intelligent companies do more than survive economic, domestic, and global market changes; they forecast the future. Competitive marketing intelligence (CM I) is an unsung, yet indispensable, corporate asset for developing new marketing directions. This course uses practical examples from current markets to illustrate the core competencies that spur sustainable corporate success and growth. Students learn to think like CMI professionals, monitoring and predicting their competitor's next move, conducting SWOT analyses, and determining what is required to establish and successfully maintain a vibrant CMI function.

Northeastern University (US)
College of Professional Studies
Course: Business Competitive Intelligence

In today's turbulent environment, it is critical to leverage information that helps you stay ahead of the competition. This course focuses on the role and management of competitive intelligence in corporations of different sizes. The main areas are the legal and ethical issues of competitive intelligence, conducting effective use of both Internet and information resources, and collecting, analyzing, planning, and managing the competitive intelligence information. Students will also learn how to create a successful system to disseminate the information within the organization. http://www.cps.neu.edu/courses/MGT4359/

Notre Dame College (US)
Center for Intelligence Studies and Law Enforcement
Intelligence Analysis Certificate

The Center for Continuing and Professional Development offers a Certificate in Competitive (Business) Intelligence. This certificate is an excellent complement to a degree in business, criminal justice, political science, sociology, law enforcement or psychology and will qualify you for a role in intelligence in government, business, or law enforcement. Offered in a flexible online format, this certificate consists of four courses. http://www.notredamecollege.edu/professional development/Intelligence-Law.aspx

Open University (Malaysia)
Master of Information Science (competitive intelligence)

Competitive intelligence is a process by the key management people in the organisation to assess the growth and development of an industry and assess its capabilities and behavior of the existing and new competitors in an effort to maintain or sustain the competitive edge of an organisation. Consequently, information science plays an important role in providing fundamental input towards more effective planning and decision making in the organisationâ?™s business activities. This programme is developed by OUM in collaboration with the University of Paul Cezanne, Marseille, France to meet the needs of the industry of having professionals with the expertise in competitive intelligence. To ensure high quality best practices are adopted in sync with the established theories, this programme also incorporated the leading institution in managing information science through the SAS certified training programme. http://www.oum.edu.my/p5/cgs/i...ge=2&lm=21

Point Park University (US)
Bachelor of Science in Intelligence and National Security

This baccalaureate program provides broad based coursework that includes core courses, electives, a language component, and department requirements and electives. Critical thinking, analytical skills, communications, ethical behavior, decision making, technological skills, and strategic thinking are woven throughout the curriculum. http://www.pointpark.edu/default.aspx?id=1444


Post University (US)
Masters in Business Administration
Course: Competitive Intelligence

In today's dynamic economic environment, effective business decision making requires managers to utilize timely and accurate information. This course will explore techniques of intelligence gathering to gain valuable insight into customers, competitors, products, services, benchmarking, and due diligence, necessary to making well informed decisions. Traditional resources will be explored such as financial records, public documents, databases, government sources and the Internet. The course will also address the non-traditional methods of gathering intelligence that are not readily available to the casual searcher.
http://www.post.edu/online/deg...nistration mba/curriculum.shtml

Robert Morris University (US)
Bachelor of Science in Competitive Intelligence Systems

Unique to the tri-state region, Robert Morris University's B.S. in Competitive Intelligence Systems degree program is designed to educate future business and information systems professionals in the concepts, activities and issues related to the emerging field of competitive intelligence. The business and open elective components of the curriculum make it an ideal choice for transfer students, especially those with a business background
http://www.rmu.edu/OnTheMove/wpmajdegr.get_ results _majors?ischool=U&idegree=BS &imajor=CINT&it=1&ipage=930&iattr=&icalledby=WPMAJDEGR

Robert Morris University (US)
Masters of Science in Competitive Intelligence Systems

The Master of Science (M.S.) in Competitive Intelligence Systems degree program is designed to educate business and information systems professionals in the concepts, activities and issues related to competitive intelligence. Modern business organizations must leverage the vast quantities of collected information to make effective decisions and achieve a strategic competitive advantage. Competitive intelligence (CI) embodies a systematic and ethical program for gathering, analyzing and managing internal and external information that can affect an organization's plans, decisions and operations. http://www.rmu.edu/OnTheMove/wpmajdegr.get_ results _majors?ischool=G&idegree=M S&imajor=CINT&it=&ipage=930&iattr=&icalledby=WPMAJDEGR

Rutgers University (US)
School of Business
Certificate in Professional Sales Management

Elective courses: Competitive Intelligence Implementing a CI system; Competitive Intelligence analysis and dissemination; and Competitive Intelligence Researching online. http://imed.rutgers.edu/Certif...ement.html


Simon Fraser University (Canada) School of Interactive Arts and Technology Courses
Competitive intelligence and data mining; competitive intelligence a primer; competitive intelligence in action; introduction to data mining. http://www.siat.sfu.ca/resources/courses/MTEC 316 317 318 Spring2002.pdf

Trinity Washington (US)
US Intelligence Community Centers of Academic Excellence in National Security

The Intelligence Community Centers of Academic Excellence (IC CAE) in National Security Studies Program is established to assist in meeting the nation's demand for a cadre of professionals to carry out America's national security imperatives over the long-term. Emphasis is on partnerships that build talent and feeder pools aligned with the IC human capital strategy during the 21st Century. Recognizing that accomplishing this goal requires a competitive, knowledgeable and ethnically diverse workforce, the IC CAE program aims to increase the pool of eligible applicants in core skills areas, specifically targeting women and racial/ethnic minorities with varied cultural backgrounds, regional and geographical expertise, skills, language proficiency, and related competencies. http://www.trinitydc.edu/programs/intel center/centers.html

Trinity Washington (US)
Strategic Information Management and Intelligence, certificate program.

Required core courses: Strategic information management and intelligence; collecting information and intelligence; analysis of information and intelligence; issues in ethics and international affairs. http://www.trinitydc.edu/acade...ional/SIMI Courses.htm

Universidad de Belgrano (Argentina)
Course: Competitive intelligence and strategic analysis

The course taught by Adrian Alvarez and Laura Giacosa at the Universidad de Belgrano was the first postgraduate course on the subject in Argentina with its first edition in the second semester of 2007. This course will be organized at least once a year, with the second edition being scheduled for April-July 2008. The course covers competitive intelligence and strategic analysis. The name of the course in Spanish is "Inteligencia Competitiva y Análisis Estratégico". http://intelligence.management.uottawa.ca/belgrano.htm


Universita Bocconi (Italy) Department of Management Course: Competitive analysis
The aim of this course is to provide participants with tools and practical applications for
monitoring and forecasting competitors' actions. The objective is to supply a solid
background for strategic choices and to introduce a path of systematic learning through
the organization of the competitive intelligence.
http://didattica.unibocconi.eu/ts/tsn anteprima2006.php?cod _ins=8008&anno=2009&IdP

University of California Irvine (US) Merage School of Business Course: Competitive intelligence
Competitive intelligence is a combination of an "art" (CI focused strategy), science (analytical techniques) and craft (learning from experience of managing and doing CI). An effective competitive intelligence program (CIP) is a core foundation upon which competitive strategies and execution tactics are developed, assessed and modified. The heart of the course is developing a CIP. The CIP is a continuous process that integrates both formal and informal intelligence gathering processes by which managers in the organization assess, disseminate and use key trends, emerging discontinuities, the evolution of industry structure and the capabilities and behaviors of current and potential competitors to assist in formulating and implementing strategy and tactics. The course will focus on how to design a CIP and produce actionable intelligence based on a framework. http://www.merage.uci.edu/Faculty/AcademicAreas/STR.aspx

University of California Irvine (US) Social Media and Web 2.0 Certificate
These courses introduce a variety of social media and web 2.0 concepts and tools including social networks, blogs, wikis, podcasts, and much more. With an understanding of the tools, learn how to leverage them in order to improve marketing, research, communications, customer support, brand reputation, competitive intelligence, product development, collaboration and knowledge capture. Learn how to map metrics and measure results. Internally manage social media with appropriate human resource policies. http://unex.uci.edu/certificates/business mqmt/social media/


University of Denver (US)
Daniels College of Business
Masters of Science in Business Intelligence

Information, business intelligence, is no longer the exclusive domain of IT or research departments. That's why Daniels has created a one-of-a-kind program that takes you across disciplines — data warehousing, marketing, finance and management and operations — so you'll know how to gather and leverage information to lead organizations, control decisions, and be relied upon to steer enterprises. http://daniels.du.edu/business-intellegence-master.aspx

University of Detroit Mercy (US)
Master of Science in Intelligence Analysis

The Master of Science Degree in Intellgience Analysis is a 33 credit program designed to traing the student to gatherin information from a wide variety of Sources, including both open sources, such as published ata bases and newspapers, and journals and also through interviewing of various human assets, and to analyze that information and prepare reports and recommendations focusing on the implications and applications of that information to various security and crime control situations. The elective courses are designed to help the student prepare for more specific applications in the fields of law enforcement, national security, private security and competitive intelligence. http://www.udmercy.edu/apply/grad students/grad-brochures/pdf/IA-MS.pdf

University of Economics, Prague (CZ) Course: Competitive intelligence
The course is designed as an elective for master degree students in the field of Applied Informatics and Informatics in Business. Includes issues defining the specific information needs for support Strategic Planning of the organization, namely to find relevant information sources, including external ones, analyzing and the subsequent creation of Knowledge Base. Relevant is also effective communication of these findings to senior management of an organization.
https://isis.vse.cz/katalog/syllabus.pl?predmet=55125;zpet=../pracoviste/predmety.pl?id= 64,quick=1;quick=1

University of Illinois Springfield (US) Management Information Systems Course: Competitive Information Systems
Let me tell you about this course. First, you'll notice that it has no textbook. There is no textbook that encompasses the topics covered in this course. Second, the in-class version of this course has been taught for 10 years, and has been continuously improved thanks to thoughtful suggestions from prior students (and I'll be soliciting your opinions also.) This course can be taken as part of the Master's degree in Management Information Systems or as an elective in other programs. There are no prerequisites, although several years of prior work experience in any type of organization would be helpful. http://mis2.uis.edu/online/mis561/course/syll.htm

University of Maryland (US)
College of Information Studies
Course: Principles of Competitive Intelligence

This course will consider the mechanisms, including the legal and ethical implications, by which competitive intelligence is practiced today. It will also examine the threat presented by economic espionage and the required counterintelligence strategies to maintain competitive position and advantage. Topics will include an overview and comparison of the intelligence process in government and in business (i.e., the intelligence cycle), a detailed consideration of the requirements and the analytical segments of that process, a survey of current analytical tools, a survey of information sources and information acquisition activities, a survey of required personnel, physical and information security policies, and the necessary efforts in creating an effective CI unit within any business enterprise. http://ischool.umd.edu/courses...202007.pdf

University of Maryland (US)
Center for Information Policy and E-Government
Course: Competitive Intelligence

This course examines the application of information science (i.e., the processes involved with the collection, management and use of information) to the business environment. More specifically, we will consider the intelligence process and the creation of business advantage by the collection and analysis of the capabilities, vulnerabilities, market positioning and strategic planning of competitors using open source information. http://www.cip.umd.edu/teaching/fedgov.html

University of Pittsburgh (US) Katz Graduate School of Business Course: Competitive Intelligence
Competitive intelligence is a process, a product, and, most importantly, a philosophy. An effective competitive intelligence program (CIP) is one of the foundations on which strategies and tactics are built, assessed, and modified. A CIP can be defined as a formalized, yet continuously evolving process by which a management team assesses the evolution of its industry and the capabilities and behavior of its current and potential competitors to assist in maintaining or developing a competitive advantage. This course focuses on how to design a CIP and produce actionable intelligence based on my Intelligence Driven Strategy framework. The methods of intelligence collection, analysis, dissemination, and counterintelligence are framed within a global context. The course is particularly relevant for students interested in the areas of strategic planning, marketing, MIS, international business, and finance, although everyone is welcome

University of Pretoria (South Africa)
Continuing Education
Course: Competitive Intelligence

This course introduces delegates to "What is Competitive Intelligence?" and the role of Corporate strategy and Competitive Intelligence. This will enable the company to remain or become globally competitive, it is recognised that new methodologies and techniques are required to out-innovate the competition. Competitive intelligence is fast gaining international recognition as a leading discipline to assist industries and companies to become or remain competitive http://scarlacc.up.ac.za/CEatU...urseID=675

University of Texas (US)
School of Information
Course: Competitive Intelligence Resources and Strategies.

Resources and strategies for market and competitive analysis. Research and analysis of market trends and financial, technical, and cultural strengths and weaknesses of companies. Online, print, and primary research and analytical techniques. Ethics, process, and presentation are emphasized. http://www.ischool.utexas.edu/courses/course details.php?CourseID=162

University of Toronto (Canada)
Professional Learning Center
Course: Internet Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence (CI) is a continuous process involving legal and ethical information-gathering and analysis leading to action by decision-makers. One of the fastest-growing elements of business research, CI provides the ability to competently monitor a company's competitive environment and enables managers to make informed decisions about marketing, product development and other key business strategies. In this seven-week course you will learn about a wide range of Internet-based tools, techniques and resources, effective search strategies and how to create a competitive intelligence mindset. The course is conducted via the Internet, with lessons completed according to your schedule and e-mail assignments due on a weekly basis. On completion of this course you will be able to conduct basic CI activities for your business or organization. http://plc.fis.utoronto.ca/coursedescri ption.asp?courseid=1

Wayne State University (US)
Library and Information Science Program
Course: Competitive Intelligence and Data Mining

This course supports and provides a structure for fact-based decision making. Knowledge workers in libraries have unprecedented access to vast stores of data as the information technology industry improves performance, storage capabilities and expands the functionality of database software and insight generation tools. The current operational model for the delivery of products and services is being challenged requiring libraries to focus on providing patrons with instantaneous access to available information on keeping them informed, and on rapidly delivering requested items. These requirements lead to reevaluating and reengineering the operational model and how we view existing paradigms. http://slis.wayne.edu/courses/course profile for 7490.pdf

William Paterson University (US)
Center for Continuing and Professional Education
Marketing and Customer Relations Certificate

This certificate concentrates on the fundamental skills of both strategic and tactical marketing and customer relationship building. Mastering these skills can ensure effective marketing programs that support customer loyalty. Students gain insight into the role of competitive intelligence, brand development, advertising/promotion and repeat/referral business. This certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete six courses - 4 core courses and 2 electives. http://www.wpunj.edu/cpe/Business/MarketingCertificate.cfm


Accredited Certificate Programs

Academy of Competitive Intelligence (US) CIP Certification Program
The CIP certification program provides managers and professionals in CI-related positions, whether new to the field or with on-the-job experience but no formal training, a one-stop shop to receive a structured, comprehensive and rigorous training in ALL aspects of the CI profession from leading thinkers and educators in the field. This certification program will provide the tools necessary to enhance your ability to perform your tasks to the satisfaction of your organization. Since many organizations are new to the activity, this training will also enable you to define for your organization the scope, tools and a full modus operandi of an ethical and effective CI program. http://www.academyci.com/About/certifications.html

ATELIS (France)
Practitioner in Competitive Intelligence and Value Management Certificate

CBIA (South Africa)
We offer various workshops on competitive intelligence issues. The workshops are accredited by the Intelligence and Counterintelligence Academy (IACA) and endorsed by the South African Association of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SAACIP) http://www.cbia.co.za/

ESLSCA (France)
Ecole Superieure Libre Des Sciences Commerciales Apliquees
Graduate Diploma in Competitive Intelligence

Fundamentals of competitive intelligence; knowledge management; business intelligence technologies; competitive strategies analysis; competitive intelligence for global business; advanced competitive intelligence.
http://www.eslsca.org/index.php?option=com content&view=article&id=65:graduate-diploma-gd-in-competitive-intelligence&catid=36:coursedisc&Itemid=37

Institute for Competitive Intelligence (Germany) Certificate: CI Professional
The ICI offers two CI certificates: The "Certificate of Proficiency in Competitive Intelligence - CPCI™" and, in cooperation with the Graduate School Rhein-Neckar, the University certificate "Competitive Intelligence Engineer (CIE)". These certificates open up the opportunity for successful alumni of ICI to enter the new occupational field of Competitive Intelligence. http://institute-for-competiti...icate.html

Phoenix Consulting Group (US) Continuing Education Units
Phoenix Consulting Group and its more than 300 intelligence professionals provide highly specialized and relevant training for intelligence, counterintelligence, special operations and law enforcement personnel. Our Center for Professional Development provides a variety of highly specialized one to three-day seminars to advance professionals in their government and corporate careers.Virtually every Phoenix training course and seminar offers Continuing Education Units to course attendees. http://www.intellpros.com/

Special Libraries Association (US) Certificate in Competitive Intelligence
SLA's Click University Competitive Intelligence Certificates Program in Partnership with Knowledge inForm is developed with consideration for the requirements of LIS professionals, SLA, effective and recognized intelligence practices, organizations practicing intelligence, and the professional development marketplace. Aimed at LIS professionals who are interested in transitioning into the intelligence function. The curriculum is designed to develop the competencies for holistic intelligence practice, from serving as an intelligence team member to managing the intelligence function within an organization. http://www.sla.org/content/learn/certificates/CI/index.cfm

А вот список 2015 года от Bonnie Hohhof - http://www.ci-razvedka.ru/Docs/intelligence-courses-and-certificates-15jan07.pdf



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